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Collectable Bar Mirrors

Monday 4/15/2019

8 Drunken Dogs Playing Poker Tin Sign

Saturday 4/6/2019

Bartles and Jaymes Premium Wine Cooler Vintage Bar Mirror

Wednesday 3/27/2019

Seagram's VO Smoked Glass Bar Mirror

Thursday 3/14/2019

Olympia Beer New Tin Sign

Wednesday 3/6/2019

Coors Buffalo Wildlife Mirror Reflective Glass Plaque

Coors Mountain Lion Wildlife Mirror Reflective Glass Plaque

Coors Timber Wolf Wildlife Mirror Reflective Glass Plaque

Friday 3/1/2019

Pilsner Urquell Brass Framed Illuminated Sign (Price Reduction)

Thursday 2/28/2019

Old Milwaukee Moose Wildlife Reflective Glass Plaque Bar Mirror (Price Reduction)

Wednesday 2/20/2019

Jack Daniel's Whiskey Evolution of Bottles Tin Sign

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer 2007 NEW OLD STOCK Bar Mirror

Tuesday 1/29/2019

Budweiser Anheuser Busch Retro Tin Sign (Back in stock!)

Sunday 1/27/2019

Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey Classic Purple Reflective Glass Bar Mirror

Saturday 1/19/2019

Lone Star Texas Beer Illuminated Badge Bar Sign


Collectable Bar Mirrors

Saturday 12/29/2018

Bass Ale Sound Activated Illuminated Plasma Beer Sign (Movie added)

Tuesday 12/11/2018

Wild Turkey 101 Proof 8 Year Old Bourbon Vintage Bar Mirror

Monday 12/10/2018

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Vintage Electric Blue Hanging Lamp

Tuesday 12/4/2018

Bass Ale Illuminated Beer Sign (Price Reduction)

Sunday 11/25/2018

Corona Extra Beach Illuminated Mirrored Motion Audio Bar Sign

Hopfenperle Swiss Beer Vintage Mirrored Bar Clock

Sunday 11/4/2018

Miller High Life Vintage Classic Oak Framed Bar Mirror

Wednesday 10/17/2018

Coors Light Oakland Raiders NFL Football Tin Beer Sign

Friday 10/5/2018

Schlitz Beer Oak Framed Vintage Bar Mirror

Coors Bicentennial Vintage Bar Mirror

Budweiser Light Vintage Bar Mirror

Thursday 10/4/2018

Monte Alban Mezcal Reflective Glass Plaque Bar Mirror

Jose Cuervo Tequila Especial Large Vintage Bar Mirror

Coors Light Silver Bullet 1985 Illuminated Mirror

Tuesday 10/2/2018

Jameson Established 1790 Irish Whiskey Bar Mirror

Jameson Irish Whiskey Distillery Vintage Bar Mirror

Wednesday 9/12/2018

Looks Like a Stroh Light Night Vintage Smoked Glass Bar Mirror (Price reduced)

Sunday 9/2/2018

Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Wooden Bottle Display Bar Clock

Monday 8/27/2018

Budweiser Illuminated Double-Sided Pub Light

Monday 8/13/2018

Budweiser Ducks 1997 Smoked Glass Wildlife Bar Mirror

Budweiser Deer and Pheasant Smoked Glass Wildlife Bar Mirror

Miller High Life 1999 Girl on the Moon Smoked Glass Bar Mirror

Montejo Mexican Beer Bar Mirror

Saturday 7/7/2018

Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky Vintage NEW Smoked Glass Bar Mirror

Thursday 6/28/2018

Budweiser Lismore Castle County Waterford Ireland NEW Bar Mirror

Friday 6/22/2018

Henry's Weinhard's A Handmade Beer Oak Framed Bar Print

Saturday 6/9/2018

Bud Light Golden State Warriors Beveled Glass Mirror

Samuel Adams Beveled Glass Bar Mirror

Thursday 6/7/2018

Budweiser Racing Dale Earnhardt JR Number 8 Mirror

Thursday 5/24/2018

Budweiser Deer and Pheasant Smoked Glass Wildlife Hunting Lodge Mirror

Monday 5/21/2018

Dos Equis Mexican Beer Plaque Bar Sign

Saturday 5/19/2018

Hamm's Beer 1992 Black Bear Wildlife Bar Mirror - Brand new old stock!

Tuesday 5/15/2018

Heileman's Old Style 1993 Ring-necked Pheasant Wildlife Mirror - Brand new old stock!

Heileman's Old Style 1993 Eastern Wild Turkey Wildlife Mirror - Brand new old stock!

Tuesday 5/1/2018

George Killian's Irish Red 1981 Vintage Smoked Glass Oval Bar Mirror

Friday 4/27/2018

Corona Extra Parrot Simulated Stained Glass Translucent Bar Sign

We Proudly Feature Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky Vintage Bar Mirror

Sunday 4/8/2018

Set of 3 Small Vintage Bar Mirrors - Gordon's Gin, Budweiser and Schlitz

Saturday 4/7/2018

Molson Canadian Geese Wildlife Bar Mirror - PRICE REDUCTION

Monday 4/2/2018

Blue Moon Belgian White Ale NEW Bar Mirror and Blue Moon Tin Beer Sign Combo Set

Thursday 3/22/2018

Pacifico Cerveza Oar and Rope Mirror

Monday 3/19/2018

Gordon's Gin 1983 Vintage Serving Tray/Bar Mirror

Saturday 3/17/2018

Courvoisier VSOP Cognac Brand New Old Stock 2007 Bar Mirror

Thursday 3/15/2018

Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Pale Ale Bar Tray

Wednesday 3/14/2018

Coors Light Silver Bullet Oak Framed 1986 Bar Mirror

Tuesday 3/6/2018

Heineken Oval Bar Mirror

Monday 3/5/2018

Budweiser Select 2005 Beveled Glass Bar Mirror

Sunday 3/4/2018

Wild Turkey Liqueur Vintage Bar Mirror

Friday 3/2/2018

Murphy's Irish Stout Tap Handle

Thursday 3/1/2018

Hamm's 1993 Vintage Polar Bear Wildlife Bar Mirror (price reduced)

Monday 2/26/2018

Patron Tequila NEW Bar Mirror

Thursday 2/22/2018

Negra Modelo Unwrap the Mystery NEW Beveled Glass Bar Mirror

Tuesday 2/20/2018

Superior Mexican Cerveza Bar Mirror

Monday 2/19/2018

Corona Extra and Corona Light Beach Bar Mirror

Budweiser Racing Dale Earnhardt JR Metal Replica Hood

Sunday 2/18/2018

Old Milwaukee Bass Wildlife Mirror

Wednesday 2/14/2018

The Glenlivet 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Mirrored & Framed Bar Clock

Monday 2/12/2018

Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat Rotating Illuminated Pub Light

Saturday 2/10/2018

Hard Core Crisp Hard Cider Tap Handle

Tuesday 2/6/2018

Guinness Beer Tap Faucet

1994 Coors Light Mexican Silver Bullet Mirror

Friday 2/2/2018

Stolichnaya Cristall Vodka Mirror

Al Pacino in Scarface Framed Poster

Friday 1/26/2018

Moosehead Canadian Lager Beer Large Square Bar Mirror

Black Velvet Canadian Whisky - Gift Wrapped Velvet Bar Mirror

Thursday 1/25/2018

Olympia Beer Olympia Girl Vintage Mirror

Hamm's Bear Sports Mirror

Skyy Blue Vodka Drink Bar Mirror

Wednesday 1/24/2018

White Horse Blended Scotch Whisky Mirror

Tuesday 1/23/2018

Paul Masson Emerald Dry Irish Leprechaun Mirror

Sunday 1/21/2018

Coors Beer Rodeo Bar Mirror

Friday 1/19/2018

Miller Genuine Draft MGD 1998 Bar Mirror

Wednesday 1/10/2018

Budweiser Clydesdales Beer Wagon Figurine


Collectable Bar Mirrors

Saturday 12/30/2017

John Jameson Irish Whiskey Vintage Bar Mirror

Saturday 12/23/2017

Dos Equis Imported Beer X-shaped Bar Mirror

Thursday 12/14/2017

George Dickel Whiskey Classic Merle Haggard Liar's Club Bar Mirror

Tuesday 10/10/2017

Shock Top Belgian White Ale Bar Mirror

Collectable Bar Mirrors


Monday 12/19/2016

Crown Royal - The Legendary Import Canadian Whiskey Vintage Reflective Glass Plaque

Tuesday 11/09/2016

Seagram's Seven Crowns of Sports Collection - Baltimore Orioles 1894 Temple Cup Vintage Baseball Bar Mirror

Monday 8/22/2016

Miller High Life Brown Bear Series 4 Wildlife Bar Mirror

Miller High Life Wolves Series 4 Wildlife Bar Mirror

Monday 7/25/2016

Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky "Valley Of The Deer" Large Mirror Bar Mirror

Monday 7/04/2016

Heineken Amsterdam and Rotterdam Breweries Bar Back Mirror with Free Tin Bottle Beer Sign

Tuesday 5/31/2016

Pub Draught Guinness Bar Mirror

Saturday 5/21/2016

Samuel Adams Dry Erase Menu/Score Board Bar Mirror

Monday 4/18/2016

Budweiser 1997 Major League Baseball Bar Mirror

Tuesday 3/15/2016

Molson Special Dry Bar Mirror

Monday 2/29/2016

Old Milwaukee Bear Wildlife Mirror First Series Number 8
Old Milwaukee Ducks Wildlife Mirror First Series Number 7
Old Milwaukee Turkey Wildlife Mirror First Series Number 6
Old Milwaukee Pheasant Wildlife Mirror First Series Number 3
Old Milwaukee Whitetail Deer Wildlife Mirror First Series Number 1


Collectable Bar Mirrors

Monday 11/09/2015

Glenlivet Scotch Whisky St Andrews 1990 British Open Vintage Bar Mirror

Wednesday 11/04/2015

Glenlivet Scotch Whisky Muirfield Classic Golf Courses Of Scotland Vintage Bar Mirror

Tuesday 11/03/2015

Glenlivet Scotch Whisky Turnberry Classic Golf Courses Of Scotland Vintage Bar Mirror

Wednesday 10/7/2015

Glenlivet - The Father of All Scotch -Vintage Smoked Glass Bar Mirror

Thursday 1/29/2015

Old Milwaukee Wild Turkey Wildlife Mirror
Old Milwaukee Pheasant Wildlife Mirror

Tuesday 1/27/2015

Tanqueray Gin Metal Framed Vintage Bar Mirror


Collectable Bar Mirrors

Sunday 8/31/2014

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Cleated and Roped Bar Mirror
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Authentic Roped Bar Mirror

Tuesday 8/26/2014

Genesee Twelve Horse Ale NEW Reflective Glass Plaque Bar Mirror

Monday 8/25/2014

Trumer Pils - Berkeley, CA - Salzburg, Austria Illuminated Bar Sign

Sunday 8/24/2014

Blue Moon NEW Die Cut Tin Beer Sign

Tuesday 8/19/2014

Budweiser Racing Dale Jr #8 NEW OLD STOCK Beveled Glass Bar Mirror

Sunday 8/17/2014

Old Milwaukee Bass Large Vintage Bar Mirror

Tuesday 8/12/2014

Pig's Eye Pilsner Vintage Moose and Deer 2 Wildlife Mirrors Combo Set
Bridgeport Oregon's Oldest Craft Brewery Wood Plaque 3D Bar Sign
Miller High Life 1st Edition Sportsmen's Series Bass Vintage Wildlife Bar Mirror
Molson Canadian Honkers Wildlife Bar Mirror

Tuesday 8/5/2014

Pacifico Beer 3D NEW Tin Beer Sign
Pabst Blue Ribbon Fish NEW Framed Art Print
Old Milwaukee Beer Ducks Wildlife Mirror

Monday 8/4/2014

Ardbeg Single Islay Malt Scotch Whisky and Elephant NEW Tin Sign
Anchor Steam, Made in San Francisco Since 1896 NEW Tin Beer Sign

Sunday 8/3/2014

Trumer Pils - Berkeley, CA NEW Tin Beer Sign

Wednesday 7/30/2014

Trumer Pils Beer Berkeley, CA - Salzburg, Austria NEW Oval Bar Mirror

Tuesday 7/29/2014

Paddy Irish Whiskey NEW Tin Sign
Moosehead NEW Oval Tin Sign
Shiner Beers Spoetzl Brewery Shiner Texas NEW Tin Sign

Monday 7/28/2014

Primo Hawaiian Beer History NEW Tin Beer Sign
Modelo Especial NEW Tin Sign - Elegant
Bridgeport India Pale Ale (IPA) NEW Tin Beer Sign
Shiner Beers White Wing Belgian White NEW Beer Tin Sign
Shiner Beers Hefe-Weizen NEW Tin Beer Sign
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Drinks NEW Roped Bar Mirror
Coopers Australian Beer NEW Tin Beer Sign

Wednesday 7/23/2014

Bridgeport KINGPIN Double Red Ale NEW Tin Beer Sign
Ice Cold Shiner Bock Texas Beer Sold Here NEW Tin Beer Sign
Shiner Bock Texas Beer NEW Bottle Cap 3D Tin Beer Sign

Monday 7/21/2014

Lite Beer NEW Cold Beer Bar Mirror

Monday 6/30/2014

Peroni Classic Italian Beer Vintage Bar Mirror
The Evergreen Pub Irish 3D Wood Sign and Beer Helping Ugly People Wood Beer Sign Combo
Bud Dry Bar Mirror

Monday 6/16/2014

THE IRISH PUB - new Collectable Bar Mirrors section
Cold Beer Soothes Spirits Irish Bottle Opener 3D Wood Sign with Barrel Bottle Cap Catcher
Happy Hour - Good Beers and Good Friends 3D Wood Beer Sign
Mulligan's Irish Pub 3D Wood Sign

Monday 6/16/2014

Bud Light Platinum NEW Illuminated Bar Sign

Monday 5/5/2014

Guinness NEW Sidewalk Black Board Beer Sign

Wednesday 4/30/2014

Cork Irish Dry Gin Vintage Bar Mirror
Newcastle Brown Ale NEW Keyhole Shaped Bar Mirror
Sierra Nevada NEW Oval Bar Mirror
Amstel Light Oval Bar Mirror

Tuesday 4/29/2014

Michelob Beer Vintage Illuminated Bar Sign

Monday 4/28/2014

Budweiser Black Crown Beer NEW Tin Bar Sign
Heineken Imported Beer Dual Brand NEW Chromium Reflective Bar Sign

Wednesday 4/9/2014

Corona Extra CoronaRita New Tin Beer Sign

Tuesday 4/8/2014

Blue Moon Belgian White Ale NEW Tin Beer Sign
Blue Moon Agave Nectar Ale NEW Bar Tin Beer Sign
Blue Moon Rounder Belgian Style Pale Ale NEW Bar Tin Beer Sign
Blue Moon Valencia Grove Amber Ale NEW Bar Tin Beer Sign

Monday 4/7/2014

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Anime Art KEGATRON Tin Bar Sign
Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve Beer Vintage Edge-Lit Illuminated Bar Sign

Monday 2/18/2014

Old Crow Sour Mash Whiskey Antique Brass Statue of the Old Crow
Seagram's Imported Vodka Mirror - A big mirror for a small price!

Monday 2/17/2014

Lone Star Texas Beer Illuminated Badge Bar Sign
Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve Beer Vintage Reflective Glass Plaque

Monday 2/10/2014

Budweiser Racing NEW Dale Earnhardt JR Mirror

Tuesday 2/4/2014

Miller High Life Keg Wagon NEW Heritage Bar Back Mirror
Korbel Brandy Vintage Smoked Glass Bar Mirror
Canadian Club Whiskey - The Best in the House - Vintage Smoked Glass Bar Mirror

Collectable Bar Mirrors


Monday 11/18/2013

Seagram's VO Canadian Whisky Vintage Bar Mirror

Tuesday 11/12/2013

Canadian Club Whisky Best in the House Vintage Bar Mirror
Windsor Supreme Canadian Whisky Bar Mirror

Monday 11/11/2013

Mouton Cadet Wine - Baron Phillipe de Rothchild - Vintage Bar Mirror
Sartori Classic Italian Veronese Wines Vintage Bar Mirror
Hiram Walker's Deluxe Bourbon Whiskey Oak Framed Vintage Bar Mirror
Hiram Walker's Special Blended Canadian Whisky Oak Framed Vintage Bar Mirror

Wednesday 10/30/2013

Heineken Special Dark Beer Vintage Bar Mirror

Monday 10/28/2013

Brand Beer Royal Brand Brewery Ceramic Tile Vintage Beer Sign
Marquisat Vignobles De France Wine Vintage Bar Mirror

Tuesday 10/15/2013

Old Taylor Whiskey - Discover Old Taylor Smooth and Mellow Vintage Bar Mirror

Sunday 10/6/2013

Hiram Walker's Ten High Vintage Oak Framed Bar Mirror
Haagen Dazs Cream Liqueur Vintage Bar Mirror
Gordon's Gin Small Vintage Bar Mirror
Fontana Candida Wine 1982 Framed Print

Saturday 10/5/2013

Coors Beer Illuminated Bar Mirror
Chambord Liqueur Used Bar Mirror
Corona Extra Imported From Mexico Bar Mirror
Benedictine B and B Liqueur Vintage Bar Mirror

Friday 10/4/2013

Amaretto Di Saronno Vintage Bar Mirror

Wednesday 10/2/2013

Kahlua and Cream Vintage Bar Mirror
Budweiser 2007 Labels Football Mirror
Budweiser 2007 Labels NASCAR Mirror

Tuesday 10/1/2013

Killarney's Irish Red Lager Neon Sign
Pyramid Hefe-Weizen Tin Beer Sign

Sunday 9/29/2013

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Can Tin Beer Sign

Friday 9/27/2013

Shiner Bock Beer Bottle Tin Beer Sign

Tuesday 9/24/2013

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer 6 Pack Tin Beer Sign

Monday 9/23/2013

Miller High Life Girl on the Moon Vintage Bar Mirror
Budweiser Clydesdales LARGE NEW Edge Lit Bar Sign
Pabst Blue Ribbon GIANT NEW Bar Back Mirror

Monday 9/16/2013

Minott's Black Star Double Hopped Beer Diamond Shaped Bar Mirror

Wednesday 9/11/2013

Guinness Pro Football Hall of Fame NEW Bar Mirror
Henry Weinhard's NEW Blue Boar Ale Reflective Glass Plaque Bar Mirror
O'Doul's Premium and Amber Non Alcoholic Brew Bar Mirror

Tuesday 9/3/2013

Corona Extra Beer Vintage Classic Bottle Bar Mirror

Monday 8/26/2013

Tanqueray Gin Vintage Bar Mirror
Smirnoff Vodka Crest Shaped Vintage Large Bar Mirror
Murphy's Irish Whiskey Bar Mirror

Wednesday 8/21/2013

Don Q Rum Vintage Q Shaped Bar Mirror

Tuesday 8/20/2013

Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey Rodeo Girl Vintage Bar Mirror
Bud Light Platinum New Tin Sign

Tuesday 7/23/2013

Ricard Pastis France Vintage Bar Mirror
Lord Calvert Canadian Vintage Bar Mirror
Vat 69 Gold Scotch Whisky Brass Framed Vintage Bar Mirror
Finlandia Imported Vodka Vintage Bar Mirror

Monday 7/15/2013

Pete's Brewing Company ESP Lager Rare Large Oval Rare Bar Mirror

Monday 7/8/2013

Set of 2 Corona Light Simulated Oil Painting Beach Scenes Tin Beer Signs
Corona Avenida Tin Beer Sign

Tuesday 6/25/2013

Newcastle Brown Ale Frosted Glass Logo Shaped Rare Bar Mirror
Beamish Irish Stout Ireland Shaped New Bar Mirror

Thursday 6/20/2013

Lone Star Texas Beer Illuminated Long Neck Bottle Sign

Wednesday 6/19/2013

Weinhard's Ireland Style Blue Boar Ale Bar Mirror

Tuesday 6/18/2013

Victoria Mexican Beer Beveled Glass Bar Mirror

Monday 6/17/2013

Kessler American Blended Whiskey Vintage Signature Bar Mirror
Boodles British Gin Vintage Mirrored Serving Tray
Hoegaarden Belgian Beer New Tin Beer Sign
Corona Familiar New Tin Beer Sign

Tuesday 6/11/2013

Goose Island Chicago Beer New Tin Beer Sign
Bud Light Sexy Cowgirl Tin Beer Sign

Monday 6/3/2013

Finlandia Vodka of Finland Vintage Reindeer Logo Bar Mirror
Coors Beer 1980 Vintage Smoked Glass Bar Mirror

Monday 5/27/2013

Corona Extra Antique Style Tin Beer Sign
Pacifico Cerveza Life Ring Tin Beer Sign
Sierra Nevada Ovila Belgian Style Abbey Ales Tin Beer Sign
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Can Tin Beer Sign
Coors Light 'Search for the Coldest' National Talent Search Tin Beer Sign
Blue Moon Short Straw Farmhouse Red Ale Tin Beer Sign
Anchor Brewing Company Humming Ale Tin Beer Sign

Sunday 5/26/2013

Redd's Apple Ale Tin Sign
Coors Light Beer 3D Bottle Cap Tin Beer Sign
Coors Banquet Beer 3D Bottle Cap Tin Beer Sign
Miller 64 Beer 3D Bottle Cap Tin Beer Sign
Monday 5/13/2013

Remy Martin Cognac NEW Bar Mat
Bushmills Irish Whiskey NEW Bar Mat

Sunday 4/28/2013

Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey NEW Bar Mat

Monday 4/22/2013

Southern Comfort Large Vintage Riverboat Bar Mirror

Sunday 4/21/2013

Pabst Blue Ribbon Vintage Barrelhead Beer Sign

Monday 4/15/2013

Bacardi Rum Bat Logo Bar Mat
Stella Artois Belgian Beer Bar Mat

Thursday 4/11/2013

Maker's Mark Whiskey NEW Bar Mat

Thursday 4/4/2013

Chambord of France Black Raspberry Liqueur Vintage Bar Mirror
Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull 3D Holographic Type Bar Sign

Tuesday 3/22/2013

Bud Light - Here We Go - 2002 Bar Mirror

Tuesday 3/6/2013

Sauza Tequila New Bar Mat
Dewar's Scotch New Bar Mat
Heineken Black Star Bar Mat
Aperol Aperitif Bar Mat

Thursday 2/14/2013

Budweiser Bow Tie Tin Beer Sign

Thursday 2/7/2013

Jim Beam Devil's Cut 90 Proof Whiskey New Bar Mirror

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